Frank Worsdale

Polish Builders Edinburgh Team, was recommended to us to redecorate after water damage to one of our bedrooms. They carried out the work quietly and efficiently, at a reasonable cost and completely to our satisfaction.

Impressed by their work, we called on them again to decorate and fit a cornice in our dining room, and then to decorate a sitting room. Again both jobs were done to a high standard and at reasonable cost.

After twenty years with no attention, our hallway/corridor was looking pretty rough: old wood-chip wallpaper and dingy colours all round. So,when Polish Builders team offered to do the job at a special price in the quiet month of January 2010, we accepted. It was a big job: stripping wood-chip and re-papering, taking down lights and removing a radiators, plastering, filling and sanding, painting walls, skirting boards and eight doors. It took nine full days to complete the job. They all worked cheerfully and quietly, often for long hours. They tidied after each days work; replaced light fittings and radiators.

When the work was done, our dark and dingy hallway was transformed into a place looking much bigger; into a place full of light and brightness. After doing four jobs for us over a period of six months, Polish Builders team have proved themselves to us as genuinely good workers and I would not hesitate to recommend then to anyone who likes a job done well, with no fuss, and at a good price.

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