Builders in Edinburgh

Restoration in Edinburgh

Poldecor Edinburgh uses skilled and specialised craftsmen and site managers to ensure every project is completed on time and delivered with the promised high standards. For repair and restoration work we can help advise you about the extent of the damage, causes, and works programme all the while respecting your budget and ensuring the time scale and costs of the project are kept to a minimum. We can also recommend which materials to use so that they match the existing finishes and colours, as this can go a long way to ensure high quality finishing on restoration and repair work.

Whether your restoration job is as minor as retouching up the paintwork, medium level such as paving or slabbing, or a major project such as that of reconstructing damaged structures, you can rely on us.

Poldecor Edinburgh can supply and fit a wide range of materials, including products for restoration work, as well as new build, landscaping and paving projects. Our craftsmen can produce bespoke stonework and other specialist materials, reproducing and fitting to a variety of architectural detail.


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