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Home conversion

Conversion work is primarily the re-use of existing space, whether that space is currently redundant and simply waiting to be put to good use, or whether it is already employed but for the wrong purpose. More often than not, our homes aren\'t overburdened with redundant space these days, but they do have areas that could be put to better use and their potential maximised. If you are fortunate enough to live in an old property with a basement or out-building, the opportunities for conversion may be obvious, but for those of us occupying modern homes, it is a case of remodelling the space we have and putting it to the best possible use.

Converting lofts, garages and basements into living space is the most efficient way of maximising the potential of your home. Conversion have the added attraction of not losing valuable garden space, which in modern homes tends to be at a premium anyway. Not only that, but they are normally the most economical option, even comparing favourably, per square metre, with conservatories, which have now peaked in popularity and become almost as expensive as conventional extension.

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